Ivo Orozco – The future star

(ENGLISH EDITION): Ivo Orozco is a colombian actress who has performed in TV-series and theatre. What is inside an artist and who is Ivo? Extraavisen has talk with the colombian actress.

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Foto. Gabriel Carvajal

Norsk versjon: Ivo Orozco – Den fremtidige stjernen

Q1: Where were you born? 

A: I was born in Bogota, Colombia. 

Q2: Have you lived in Colombia all your life?

A: No, When I was a kid I lived in Miami and in Quincy Ill ,US.

Q3: What made you become an actress?

A: Oh! Something special a sensitive emotional thing that you feel so strong!

I started acting too young and as grew up I realized that this was what makes me happy, and when I was shooting my first project I confirm that this was what I wanted to dedicate in my life, that this would be my profession!

With my work I entertain and when I can leave something to the audience that’s when I say, I made my mission!

Foto: Gabriel Carvajal

Q4: Which movies or TV shows are your favorite? The ones you’ve played in?

A: Wow what a question… in every project you leave your heart! The first one is always important! There are two projects where I vibrate the most! One is Francisco el matemático (2017), a serie for the family. It was a lovely experience, working with so many people was so cool! And besides that this serie inspires kids and teens, that’s why I like so much!

And the other is the one that I finished shooting a few days, a serie in Argentina, can’t say so much but sure I will tell you then.

It was a great experience working with a professional team and so beautiful people on camera and backstage and so committed! I am so happy!

Credit: Gabriel Carvajal

Q5: What have you achieved in your career as an actress?

A: In a personal way having so many great experiences, just getting into the skin and mind of different characters and lives, also meeting and working with lovely people. And from a professional side I am achieving what I have set out to do, I am on the way on, a journey!

As always giving my heart to every project!

I have worked on different productions on my country and outside!

Like A corazón abierto, Tres Caines, La viuda negra, Francisco el matemático.

I am also in Wawa, Worldwide Audiovisual Women’s Association that accomplish to strengthen and expand the women’s role in the industry.

Credit: Gabriel Carvajal

Q6: How were you as a child?

A: Ohh! Crazy hehe You must ask that to my family! 

What I remember, being well-behaved (and a bit rebel sometimes just kidding) responsible, a good person values that my family instilled in me, doing things rightly!

So energetic, I loved to play so much!

Q7:. Do you feel that you have succeeded as an actress?

A: When you do what makes you happy that is success! Im in a way, in which I am fulfilling objectives!

Gabriel Carvajal

Q8: TV series or short films / feature films do you like best? and why?

A: Giving you some titles; Valeria, Suits, Euphoria!

Breakfast a Tiffanys, Beginners ,Volver, The grand Budapest hotel, El secreto de sus ojos,

Last ones: Enola Holmes, Mulan, A rainy day in NY, Granizo great one!

I love to watch something that makes you reason!

Q9: Tell me about yourself. Who are you?

A: I am person with values! A fighter, risky, positive, committed, happy girl; sometimes serious and other funny, humour gives life a flavor!

I see life with huge love! 

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